The 2016 Living With Scholarship Winner

Fun fact: the idea for The Living With Scholarship actually occurred in 2015. Back then, it was called the Vibrant Lives Scholarship and money was raised for it through The Mindful Pop-up in Vancouver, B.C in 2016. From those fundraising efforts, a $500 scholarship was available for a 2016 graduate who submitted the most impactful creative writing piece on the topic of mental health.

The submissions received that year were incredible. Each application highlighted the importance of The Living With Scholarship. After much deliberation, the scholarship was awarded to Kennedy Z., a graduate of Chilliwack Senior Secondary in Chilliwack, B.C.

Kennedy’s poem is a touching example of how conflicting living with bipolar disorder can be. After you give it a read, be sure to read it once more – but backwards.

Living with bipolar depression is impossible
I cannot say
Life has been fair to me
It is true
I cannot be happy
Why do people think,
I am okay on the inside.
That does not make sense
Being angry and anxious
Consumes me.
The support I receive from my family
Does not reach my thoughts
This “disorder”
Will win in the end
My perseverance
Is a joke
Giving up
Is the only option I have.
It will not work
Unless I turn it around.
—Kennedy Z

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