Introducing the 1 & 5 and the Supreme 1 IN 5

Check out our IGTV segment above to meet our two new designs.

Just in time for back-to-school, we've introduced two new designs to our collection: the 1 & 5 and the Supreme 1 IN 5. 

The 1 & 5 comes in eight different colour options, each one representing a different mental illness one in five of us may experience in a year. Though each colour was chosen with intention to represent a specific experience, such as depression or OCD, feel free to pick the colour that speaks to you most.

If someone asks you why the five is coloured, it gives you the opportunity to speak to the correlating illness or to talk about mental illness in general. Like with all of our designs, share only what you're comfortable sharing! Our goal is to help you start the conversation. 

The Supreme 1 IN 5 is a nod to the classic streetwear icon. Like our Original 1 IN 5, it is designed to speak to the fact that one in five Canadians will experience mental illness in a year. 

Take a closer look at our new collection in our IGTV segment below!

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