Be The Influence

With the official launch of One in Five Apparel, we invite you to be the influence.

More than ever, we each have the ability to influence society and change the norm. Social media and the internet connects us globally and provides us the opportunity to voice our thoughts and opinions daily. We can interact with people and brands like never before, expanding our reach and making an impact. 

Just as social media allows us to reach masses of people, interpersonal connections are becoming more and more sacred, and therefore more and more powerful. As we connect more online, our offline interactions can hold greater impact than we realize. One conversation can truly change a person's perspective and open new doors. 

We encourage you to use your influence to change how mental illness is perceived. 

The easiest way you can influence change is by talking about mental health and mental illness. To support you, our blog is constantly being updated with different insights and perspectives on the realities of living with mental illness. You can join our new Facebook group, Talking Points, to connect with others and share resources to support your mental health conversations. Our 1 IN 5 line was designed to support you in starting conversations on mental illness, and you can share your stories using #my1IN5

Together, we can change the conversation. 

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